Christmas Parties

It is that time of year where many companies begin to plan their annual Christmas party. And yes I called it a Christmas party and not a holiday party. Anyway, here’s a few helpful hints to help with your party planning this year. First, getting a good location set is key. Lots of things to think about. Such as is there parking and if not, do you need valet. (which if you need valet, I know a guy just ask). Other questions to ask your location is if there is a room fee and if it is waived if you purchase food. Many rooms will not charge a room fee if you let them take care of the food that you were probably already planning to have. If they don’t have an on-site caterer then again ask I know some. Dates are filling up for some locations so it’s time to get a room booked (again if you need suggestions on a good fit for your group, then ask). Which brings me to picking the right date for your crowd. Most events will be on the traditional Friday and Saturday in December but for some groups a January party is the answer (and sometimes cheaper) and in some case a weekday might bring the biggest crowd (and again might be cheaper). So once you have a date, room and the food taken care of then comes my favorite, the entertainment. Of course, I’m going to tell you that casinos are awesome and a great option for your Christmas party. Now let me explain why. I know from experience of always being the host or the pitboss that we all need a party occasionally in which we get to set back, relax and enjoy. And honestly that’s one of the main reasons that you as the event planner will want to call me. We completely run the casino so that you get to set back, relax and enjoy your party. Another key reason casinos are popular is it gives you the opportunity to set and enjoy a game while opening the door to talk to the people in your office. I’ve seen some amazing things happen at casino night. You will have people that would never talk to each at work end up at the same table and before the end of the night they are talking like old friends. Its a great chance to get to know those you work with and not talk about work the whole time. Another fun game to add to an event or to just do as the event is Bingo. Depending on your crowd bingo might be the perfect answer. Another fun thing to add to your event is a dj. The dj can either create the background music you want for your event or can help direct the night or give you access to a microphone for your event. The bottom line is that we are always trying to think up and expand what we do and we love being creative and creating amazing parties. So give us a call whether you are just beginning stage of planning your party and need help with everything or if you want us to add one piece to help make your event extra special. 417-818-3638