Fundraising- Golf Gold Mine

So golfing is a very popular summer fundraising idea. I’m personally not a golfer. I’ve always just helped in fundraising by putting a black jack table out on specific hole of the golf course and giving golfers the chance to play 3 hands of black jack for a donation, of course, and if they hit black jack then they get a hole in one for that hole. It’s a really easy way for the charity to earn a couple hundred dollars extra. This past year I had the opportunity to take it a step farther and see the more inner workings of a tournament. The tournament was a gold mine. I was totally amazed at how much money was made off of the event for how little work they did. The few hundred dollars I make at the black jack table is nothing compared to what the tournament makes. Let’s think about the crowd that is able to participate in golf tournaments. Generally business men who want an excuse to get out off the office for the day and socialize with their buddies without their wives/significant others.  First they have the funds to play and are willing to do all the extra games for a chance to better their score. Extra games means money in the charities pocket. Plus knowing the crowd that is going to attend these types of events you can often get high end sponsor who want to be in front of these business men. Of course some of your tournaments are going to have a women’s division but as a whole golf is a fairly predominantly male sport. Let’s face it not as many women have the ability to take off an afternoon and goof off on the golf course and if they have that rare chance of an afternoon off, golf probably isn’t going to be their choice.