Fundraising- How to stay out of jail

Some maybe staying out of jail is a little extreme but one thing you always have to make sure you are doing is staying within the law. When you are talking about the casino world there are things that you have to do to make sure that you event is legal. There’s a reason that we don’t provide slot machines anymore. There is a grey area in the law. We try our best to make sure we are looking out for our clients. Believe me we have several customers that are not happy with me for getting rid of them but I also don’t want our charities to lose out on money because we didn’t something that was questionable. So when you get ready to do your event we will set down and talk about the do’s and don’ts. We try to make sure that the only mug shots our customers have are made from our green screen. Maybe the next event we do should be Jail House Rock theme. Just a thought.